Dirt Stopper Doormat Jasper 75cmx50cm


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The Original Dirt Stopper Mats are the best choice for preventing dust, soil, dirt and moisture from entering your home on shoes, feet and paws.
If you have a door leading into your home from the outside you NEED one of these mats behind it.

100% cotton doormats that stop and trap dirt at the door.
100% cotton gives MAXIMUM absorbency, which stops more wet dirt and mud entering your home. 

Some mats are cotton blends with man made fibers – these won’t give maximum absorbency – check for 100% cotton !!

Our smallest mats are 50 x 75cm – ideal for standard UK door sizes. When comparing don’t forget to check the sizes as well as the price! 

These doormats are machine washable and can also be tumble dried on a low setting. You may of course prefer to use a hose, pressure washer, or simply wash by hand.

We also have other sizes available in our Original Dirt Stopper Mats range : 75 x 50 cm (regular), 75 x 100 cm (large), 65 x 150 cm (runner).
The mats have a Latex gripper non-slip backing.
•QUALITY GUARANTEED – We exclusively sell the ORIGINAL Dirt Stopper mats – Beware of cheap imitations !!
• HIGHLY ABSORBENT – 100% Cotton ensures maximum absorbency – Man-made fibres WILL NOT absorb as well. 
• LOOKING GOOD – Fully Machine Washable to help you keep the new mat look and maintain it’s high absorbency rate. 
• SAFE – The Dirt Stopper mats have a Latex Gripper Anti Slip Backing for Safety , particularly on Wooden Floors. 
• PROUD – The Dirt Stopper mats are MADE IN THE UK and we are Proud to support British Manufacturing. 


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